We Ask One Of Our Latest Members What They Thought Of Lotto! 20.10.15

Here at we are looking to give our members the most enjoyable service possible. We pride ourselves on fun and informative news, the latest up to date lottery results, along with the best games, offers and prizes. But don’t take our word for it! We chased up one of our latest members and asked them exactly what they thought of the site.

Hi Kate, why were you interested in playing on

K: You always hear about big jackpot winners and it spurred me on to have a play. I’ve never really given online scratch cards and slot games a go before but I realised you have to be in it to win it, otherwise you’ll always read those winners stories and wish it was you.

What games caught your eye and have you had a go on?

K: I was immediately drawn to Bejeweled! I used to play it a lot at university when I was procrastinating and the chance to play it with cash prizes was too good to be true.

Did you enjoy Bejeweled? It’s one of our most popular games.

K: I definitely did. I’ve always found a lot of slot games seem quite intimidating so it was good to see a game I recognised and I ended up winning £40 after my first go. I’m hoping it wasn’t just beginners luck and maybe down to the hours of practice from university. 

We have lots of fun and accessible games and online scratch cards for anyone from the inexperienced to the seasoned player; it’s even possible to win £1 million.

K: I have noticed the scratch cards and they are very tempting to have a go on. I like that you can play the games and add a little more excitement by placing some money on it without being intimidated like you would be in a casino. It’s something I’m definitely going to do again whenever I have a little bit of extra money lying around.

Well we’re glad you’re enjoying yourself and we’re happy to have you on board!

Please play responsibly and remember it’s possible to win but also to loose your money. As ever, for even more news, gossip and lottery results then be sure to sign up to our Lotto Results mailing list at

Just like Kate you can take your destiny into your own hands and why not have a play if you’re feeling lucky? It only takes a moment to sign up to and we’ll only send you the best games and offers.

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