TV Deal or No Deal player wins big 19.02.14

Viewers of the exciting Channel 4 programme Deal or No Deal will know that it's rare to see someone grab the biggest prize on offer on the show, £250,000.

But Roop Singh recently claimed his place in the Deal or No Deal history books by walking away with this sum when he appeared on the programme.

He is the seventh person to have won this much money on the show and the second man to do so.

Singh, 54, has spent some of his newly won cash on gifts for people and he has plans to give some of the cash to charity.

At one stage in the game he rejected a £46,000 offer from the show's famous Banker.

At the end of the main game he was left with one box with £500 and another with £250,000 - luckily ending up with the right box when things came to a close!

He then got to open another box, though, and might have seen his win double, grow by £10,000, stay the same or be reduced to nothing.

It turned out in the end that if he'd opened the box he chose, he'd have won £500,000 overall but he ended up not taking a box from these extra boxes.

Of an earlier point in the game, he has commented: "The night before my game my daughter quite innocently said, 'Dad, I want confetti'. When I was offered £46k all I could think of was, 'Dad, I want confetti' and I said, 'No Deal'."

"I still cannot fully remember what happened next but I do remember the confetti and everyone hugging and congratulating me."

Seeing people have a good time on the show might make others want to apply for their own place as a contestant.

It might also make them think about whether they might be able to recreate some of the Deal or No Deal magic at home.

Luckily, the show has inspired any number of tie-in products, from physical games without cash prizes to online gambling experiences where you could win various sizes of prize yourself if luck is with you.

Jackpotjoy's selection features some great Deal or No Deal games. For example, there's Deal or No Deal Slot.

This is a multiline slot experience, with a Deal or No Deal themed play area and featuring symbols taken from the gameshow. There are also bonus-rounds that add to the experience.

There's also a Deal or No Deal Scratchcard to try your luck at. Here, the player is presented with a screen featuring one 'scratch-off' panel and four famous Deal or No Deal boxes.

They unveil one symbol from behind the panel, then must match it twice by opening the boxes. The symbol you're trying to match could even be the Banker's phone!

A second stage of the game then sees the player try to match the same value three times, by clicking on rectangular panels.

Then they open Deal or No Deal style boxes containing values, in the hope of finding three that match.

All in all it's a varied and thrilling set of experiences themed around one of the country's best-loved gameshow formats.

Don't forget Deal or No Deal Instant, either. This may well be one of the closest experiences to being on Deal or No Deal for real that you can find!

Famous features are there: A set of boxes, with all their sense of promise, the Banker's phone and a range of values from smaller to larger amounts (these vary, depending on stake).

The player picks their own box from 26 possible options. After choosing several more, they'll have the thrill of getting an offer from the Banker. The question of whether to go with 'Deal' or 'No Deal' will then come up, before the game either ends or continues in a similar fashion.

It's possible to get to these games, and a whole lot more, by clicking through from this very page.

Get your clicking-finger working while hovering over the Play Games button at the top of the page and you'll get yourself to a special branded version of the Jackpotjoy site.

Whether you're trying your luck at a Deal or No Deal game or another sort - Jackpotjoy offer fun games themed around things like Take Me Out and classic Judy Garland flick The Wizard of Oz - be sure to check out any and all instruction materials first so you're getting the full low-down - including info on what the largest possible prize is for the game. 

All of the Deal or No Deal Games we've been talking about have a demo feature, so if you're not sure about whether they're for you, why not give them a test drive, which we're pretty sure will help you come round to the idea of giving one a go with a real cash bet!

You never know, you could find yourself making a cash win!

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