Jackpotjoy Super Links Week begins 28.04.14 is running a Super Links Week promotion at the moment.

The site - the version of which can be visited with a simple click on our Play Games link above - says that more than £200,000 worth of Full House prizes is set to be won by players during the promotion.

Running from today (April 28th) until the early hours of May 4th, the Bingo 90 promotion will see special games taking place in Emerald, Cloud, Tiki, Bejeweled, Diamond and Sapphire Bingo each 30 minutes between 8am and 12.30am daily.

Tickets cost 10p each and members can buy as many as 60 tickets max for each special game. The very final such game is set to happen half an hour into May 4th, at 00.30.

All of the special games are Community Super Jackpot games - this jackpot is won if it takes no more than 38 calls for someone to get a Full House.

When this happens, the person who wins gets half the prize (which will be between £10,000 and £20,000) and the rest is shared out among everyone who bought a ticket for the games in question.

The promotion is only open to members and will involve a daily menu of one £2,000 Full House game, two £1,500 Full House games, two with a Full House worth £1,250 each, eight £1,000 Full House games and 11 games with a £750 Full House each.

Click the green button above to play some great online bingo and slot games, including Deal or No Deal, Million Pound Drop and Take Me Out.

Be sure to look over the full Terms and Conditions - including a useful list of the Full House prize that will be on offer for each game each day at specific times.  ​

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