Classic Lottery Winners: The Extraordinary Story of Bill Morgan 18.09.15

The lottery is capable of changing lives, not only through the charities it supports but also for those who win it. To celebrate the impact it has had on people’s lives we are bringing you some of our favourite lottery winner’s stories from all around the world and throughout its history.

The first of these is the extraordinary story of Bill Morgan.

Times seemed pretty tough for Australian Bill back in 1992, after being crushed in a truck accident and having a fatal heart attack, Bill was clinically dead for 14 minutes before being revived. His struggle didn’t stop then as he was left in a coma for 12 days, during which time his family were even advised to turn off his life support. 

Fortunately that was the end of Bill’s rough streak as he gained consciousness with all his vital functions intact. A year later he proposed to his girlfriend and shortly after decided to ride on his good mood and buy a lottery scratchcard, winning a car worth $17,000.

A local TV Melbourne station believed his story of coming back from the grave to hit a lucky streak from getting engaged to winning on a scratch card was well worth sharing with everyone. So they decided to get in touch with Bill and ask him to recreate the scene of him winning the car.

Off they went to the supermarket and recorded him scratching away at a card, fully expecting him to say his line of “I’ve just won a car” to recreate the event. 

It’s at this point that the footage shows Bill freeze as he announces in disbelief that he has just won $250,000! 

Bill’s reaction is truly touching as we see him breakdown in genuine emotion and it is footage that we’re sure even the news team weren’t expecting to get. It is a true stroke of luck and even more rare for it to be recorded on camera. 

For us this is the perfect example of how thing’s can turn around when you might be feeling down on your luck. So why not take a chance, you may live to enjoy it and who knows…lightning could even strike twice for you as it did for Bill!


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