What's so hot about online slots? 06.03.14

What are online slot games and why do people want to play them? If you're a newcomer to the world of online gambling, you might not have come across this kind of game before.

Alongside casino-style games (think things like roulette and blackjack) and bingo, these are one of the most popular types of online gambling game out there.

They can be a very entertaining experience, and you could even find yourself winning cash while you play.

For those who want to know more, here's a little look at what to expect from the slots.

What are online slots games?

Walk into a casino or an end-of-the pier amusement arcade and chances are you'll see slot machines.

An icon of the gambling world, these are an easy way to try your luck.

The player puts a coin into the slot on the machine - hence the name - which constitutes their bet.

Then they will often pull a lever to start the game, which involves wheels - real or digital - spinning, until symbols on them line up. Depending on the combination of symbols that emerge, the player could win money.

There are certain common symbols associated with slot machines, such as the number seven and fruit imagery.

Nowadays, of course, new gambling opportunities have emerged, thanks to the internet, adding to the options players have. They may still want to visit places like the casino or the amusement arcade for a real-world bet, but they can also have similar experiences online.

Online gambling's rise has led to a wide variety of slot-based games, inspired by the slot machine system, emerging on the net.

Not all of these use the classic symbols associated with the traditional slot machine, though - just as not all physical slot machines do.  

One difference between online games and what you might think of as a traditional slot machine is the number of 'wheels' involved.

Think of slots and you might well think of a three-wheel game, but even in real-life slot machines it's common to see more than three wheels in play.

And in online slots you'll also often see more 'wheels' involved.

How do I play?

As always, the specific game instructions are your best bet here, but generally play on an online slot game will involve choosing which routes across the screen, from one 'window' to the next, you want to place a bet on, then spinning and seeing whether the symbols fall in a way that matches up to any of these routes. Bonus games of various sorts are also a common feature.

What can I win?

Of course the aim of most online slots games is to win cash! The exact maximum amount it's possible to win will vary from game to game.

It's wise to read through written instructions provided on a gambling game site before you start play - and this is one of the reasons: You'll likely get a better idea of exactly what it's possible to walk away with this way, and how.

What's the appeal?

There are lots of different reasons for the appeal of online slots. One of them is that they are based on a very famous type of game from the real world that a lot of us know how to play.  Another is that there's huge variety out there.

Obviously possible prizes will play some part in the game you opt to try your luck on, but also in the mix might be the design and feel of the game. There are a huge number of different styles out there, such as dark, moody slot games and cute pastel-shaded options.

You might also be attracted because a game is inspired by your favourite TV show or movie - for example, there's a famous Deal or No Deal Slots game available, and needless to say it has a flavour of the TV game about it.

Do I have to pay to play?

Generally speaking, you'll need to spend something in order to get the chance of a cash prize - that's how gambling works, after all!  That said, you can sample slot games using demo modes all over the web. This can give you a great taste of the experience, and is often a good idea in order for you to get used to playing a game prior to actually betting.

And if I want to bet?

The website will need your card details, meaning you'll need to sign-up and become a member - so using a reputable site is important.

This shouldn't put your slots game off for too long though, as the sign-up process generally isn't a lengthy one.

The size of your maximum bet will depend on the game, but do remember that it's never wise to spend more than you're able to afford when betting.

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