Free Postcode Lottery promises to match US Mega Millions by giving away 540 million…with a catch 14.07.16

With the US lottery having recently offered an impressive $540 million jackpot, it was left to the Free Postcode Lottery to match those stakes and also give away 540 million.

But before you rush out to buy one of these tickets its perhaps best if we look a little closer at their jackpot. The lottery provider announced they will be giving away the money in Vietnamese Dong. Which equates to £18,695…a little less than their US neighbours.

The Free Postcode Lottery even went one step further to keep in the spirit of things and held the special draw at the same time as the American version.

The lottery has become very popular over recent years and a lot of players have signed up to play it online.

How it works is that players must register online then pick 6 numbers. As the jackpot is the only prize, players must match the 6 drawn numbers exactly to win.

The Free Postcode Lottery founder, Chris Holbrook, spoke of their recent idea: “We wanted to have a bit of fun in recognition of the mammoth jackpot in the US.

We don’t quite have a spare $500 million dollars to give away but we thought offering 540 million Dong could be a fun alternative.

“Our customers will be Hanoi-ed if the miss out because for one lucky winner we are turning Dong-a into wonga!”

You’ll have to excuse that last quote from Chris but it did tickle us slightly.

If you’re interested in signing up to the Free Postcode Lottery then head over to their site to find out all about their lottery and how you can register to play.

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