An NJ woman finds winning lottery ticket whilst doing her taxes 14.07.16

Doing your taxes is never an appealing prospect, but for one New Jersey woman there was a silver lining to this particular cloud. Yokasta Boyer, who works both full-time and part-time, was prepping to do her taxes and checking through her records and receipts when she came across an old Jersey Cash 5 lottery ticket.
She decided to check the ticket numbers against those on the lottery website and found out that she was a winner.

It was perfect timing for Yokasta who filed her lottery claim on April 1, 2016 and the ticket was set to expire on April 14, 2016!

Missing out on this deadline would have been devastating as the winning ticket was worth $472,271 (before taxes). It is federal law in the US to withhold 25% from any prize money that is higher than$5,000. Fortunately Yokasta was just under the $500,000 threshold that would have required her to give an additional 8% of the winnings to state tax.

Yokasta hasn’t come forward for an interview but according to lottery officials, she doesn’t have any plans for her big win as of yet other than to pay off some of her debts. She is said to typically work a 60 hour week and even longer during the Christmas period so she is hoping to cut down on the amount she works and have more time to spend enjoying her family and friends this upcoming Christmas time.

We’re just glad that Yokasta did her taxes and managed to find the winning ticket in time before its deadline ended!

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