What is the Irish Lottery and how do I play? 23.07.15

Many countries have their own national lottery draws, with some of the most famous being in America thanks to their huge jackpots.

However, did you know that you can join in with the Irish Lottery even if you don't live in Ireland but elsewhere in the UK? This isn't the case with many other competitions and it could offer you an alternative if you fancy a change from the usual draws.

If you've never played the Irish Lottery before, here's a quick guide to how it works - and how you could win!

Irish Lottery basics

The Irish Lottery began way back in 1987, so it's got a much longer history than the UK National Lottery. As we've already mentioned, the organisers don't stipulate that you need to be a resident of Ireland to join in - just get online, choose your numbers, pay your money and you've got as good a chance as any of taking home a prize.

A benefit of this draw is that there's a guaranteed minimum jackpot of €2 million (about £1.7 million) and no maximum - so the prize fund can roll over as many times as it takes for someone to win it, by which time it could have grown considerably.

This is different to the UK National Lottery, where the number of rollovers is limited before the prize fund is shared out between the people to match the next most numbers.

Another plus point is that the Irish Lottery offers shorter odds - in fact, the chances of winning any prize are one in 42, or one in 8,145,060 for the jackpot, which is 40 per cent better than with the National Lottery.

How does the Irish Lottery work?

Draws for the Irish Lottery take place every Wednesday and Saturday and you must be 18 to play. You just choose six numbers between one and 45 and if you match all six, then you scoop the jackpot. Other prizes and combinations are also on offer thanks to the draw of the seventh (bonus) ball.

Of course, there are also smaller wins on offer for matching anything from three numbers upwards, which again are quite generous in comparison with other lotteries. 

Don't I have to go into the bookmakers to play?

No, you don't have to go into a bookies to play the Irish Lottery - you can pick your numbers and play online.

You may be confusing the Lottery with the Irish Lotto Bet, also known as Lucky Numbers or 49s. This is a game based on the outcome of the Irish National Lottery, which you play by betting at places like Betfred.

To play this version, you put a minimum stake of 50p on one ticket for each draw, with three draws every Wednesday and Saturday (main, second and third).

You can bet on anything from one to five numbers in either the six or seven-number draw - and if those numbers come up in the Irish Lottery, then you win a prize.

Remember though that you're only betting on the results of the Irish Lottery and not playing the official game, plus bets and payouts may vary depending on the bookmaker.

Checking Irish Lottery numbers

If the Irish Lottery sounds like something you might like to try, then it's well worth a go, whether that's alongside your usual gaming or as a fresh alternative.

And of course, you will play with the hope of capitalising on the luck of the Irish and scooping a win, so you'll no doubt want to know where you can check your numbers.

The twice-weekly draws are televised and so you can watch them live via a satellite or internet streaming service if you wish.

However, that's not always convenient, so why not check your results with us here at We publish the results as soon as they're out and cover all the game variations, so you can find out if you're a winner wherever you are.

Give it a go - and good luck!

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