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Instant games are just one of the exciting parts of the online games world, and offer a wide variety of different types of quick-fire action.

They're available on a variety of sites, with each offering its own selection of titles.

One fantastic spot to head to for instants is - you guessed it - Jackpotjoy!

There's a sensational section of this site dedicated to these sorts of games and it's simple to click through to there from right here at

Simply use our top or left hand menus to click on the Play Games link, then hit Games on the left hand side and Instants on the bottom.

By this stage you'll be through to the branded version of the Jackpotjoy site.

Gameshow sensation

There are no fewer than two Deal or No Deal instant games on offer at Jackpotjoy.

These are inspired by the red-box-filled cash prize TV show of the same name.

If you've ever given a National Lottery scratch card a go, you'll find that the Deal or No Deal scratch card game has some similarities.

First you pick which size of card you want to buy - each has a different biggest prize.

Then you unveil one symbol that you'll have to find at least two matching versions of if you want a prize. Symbols include the famous Banker's phone, as seen on Deal or No Deal on TV!

Gameplay mirrors the TV show, because you need to click on boxes like those seen on the TV programme in this part of the game.

Next you're taken through to a game where you have to discover the same number three times to bag a win. After that, the third part of the game has a similar aim, but uses TV show style red boxes.

Deal or No Deal Instant is quite a bit more similar to Deal or No Deal's television game. The player picks their own box, then other boxes from a set of 26 on offer, every so often having to tell the Banker either 'deal' or 'no deal'!

Golden Balls is another instant that's inspired by a TV classic. The show was a ITV favourite for several years, but the last new episode was shown on TV screens in 2009. It's lucky, then, that there's still the chance to sample the Instant Win game inspired by the show at Jackpotjoy!

Do you enjoy the experience of heading to the corner shop to buy a new scratch card and try your luck? At Jackpotjoy you can enjoy a virtual version of this in a cartoon corner shop.

The cards on offer are the farm-themed Cash Crop (scratch off images of sweet corn), the five-a-day flavoured fun of Crazy Fruits (featuring cute cartoon apple, pineapple and pear characters), row-based matching game Noughts and Crosses, shamrock-tastic Whole Lotta Luck, three-game card Gold Fever and the industrial-looking Moolah Machine.

Look out for the hilarious animation that plays when you buy cards and when you win! If you're lucky you'll have the shopkeeper blowing a party horn in delight before you know it!

There are also Bejewelled Scratchcard and Bejeweled Hypercash instant games on offer at Jackpotjoy. In the Scratchcard game, for example, the player must find matching values by clicking on colourful gems.

We think the background used - an alien-like beach landscape - is absolutely captivating! And there's an equally captivating backdrop - and a different style of game - available with Bejeweled Hypercash.

The game Footballers Windows certainly has an eye-catching name, and features humorous cartoon-style characters. the gameplay is funny, too, seeing you attempt to send household items flying out of windows before a football shirt wearing character can grab them. We know that sounds crazy, but give it a go and you'll discover the fun of this zany game!

And those are just some of the Instant games that can be found on the site! They all have demo versions, should you want to give them a go without paying, and it only takes a few minutes to becomes a fully fledged member and possibly get cash prizes from your gaming.

Advantages of instant games:

Here are some of the advantages that there are to playing instant games, whatever gambling site you're on.  


Although all online gambling games usually work in a simple way, often instant games are even more simple and easy to play - they can be moreish though!


Like many online games, there's huge entertainment to be had with this sort of game - there's often humour and fun design work to be seen and a lot of the time an online instant game is much more engaging than simply playing a real-life scratchcard, for example.

And some things to keep in mind:


Although they're simple, do read-up on how an instant game works before you play, using any instructions provided.
Costs can mount


Since these games are very moreish, you may end up spending quite a lot quickly - so keep an eye on your outgoings!

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